Tuesday, 05 December 2023

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Building a Luxury Brand, Digitally! | Second Edition

Many brand owners want to pitch them as luxury brands, but do they know what it takes to own and grow a luxury brand?

As you start building a luxury brand for your business, it is important to always have in mind, that attacking is the best form of defence in any battle. Sun Tzu says, “Attack is the secret of defence; defence is the planning of an attack”. This and more, are found in the second edition of "Building a Luxury Brand, Digitally!".

Building a luxury brand digitally requires the owners to decide whether they are dogs or lions regarding market approach, because structure plus strategy is equal to surplus.

There are nine things to master, and we discuss them in this short book. Building a luxury brand is not about barking – speaking big, but it is about the roar – market approach, that announces consumable confidence. Whilst applicable to any brand or industry such financial services, retail, and hospitality, this short book is based on empirical research and centred on the Health and Fashion industries for context, and on South Africa as the base market.

The author, Oscar Habeenzu, has another must read book called "The Creator Economy".